Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kan-u Dream?

Welcome to my blog,
where you can join with others and myself to deluge in Kanu.
Yeap, the 1800 year old school girl war goddess who protects Ryuubis and her name.

Personally....I'm nuts about her!

So how many more out there????
....find Kanu all the more than attractive for an female anime?

She's Hot.

She's Sexy.

She's one fine girl...
a few remarks in articles, blogs, advertisements...
the list is endless.
Here's a "female" stirring up the emotions of many a man
and artist alike.

Full grown men mind you!

One reader claims he's in love with this sexy anime girl.
In Love ? ? ?

In model shop to hobby shop, she is all selling fast and usually the case, all are sold out before she's even out.
One gentleman who reviews future samples of anime, this one being Kanu, said he missed out on this limited edition of her.
It is only on Kanu?

One of the many of her he found appealing, the provocativeness she gave him...?

And the many model companies he subscribes to for model reviews, with this case Kanu, they heard of his - "this was a limited edition of her and I won't be able to get another one" found way to provide him her in which he felt dearly thankful to them, that with a kids' appreciation!

Are we men adoring? this anime girl like we did with our model cars and marbles?
Or are we men who lost their marbles in becoming adored to this anime girl?
Even unlike that of our realtime relationship with our real life girlfriends?
Say a bit better with her than...yeah!
"Look what i've got, how 'bout you?"

I mean look, some of us guys go way out our way to showing off our Kanu via the internet,
sizing her up like a real girl on a boardwalk...some with lights and music.

Our fantasies, our endless and thirstful fantasie and love of Kanu, her sexual and provocative image,
how she draws us into her.
Yeap, just we men, us kid growing older men, who romance her with our imaginations.

Her price?
Yeah, we like this!
Depends on her, what style, what position? Does she have removeable clothing?
Oooh yes of course... that's what's in our ideas for her that we conjour up.
She doesn't seem to be scaring off any buyers in the current economy market.
Not even the price of her to go, does it bother us!

She's kinda like that model car we collected and traded.
Make you a deal here, seeing this was last one of her in that kind of....outfit?

What outfit?


One thing sure,
Kanu has just begun to stir things up, our emotions, us - we men.

And our American Market? Is wide open to her, and as far as our male fantasies will take her.

She's a girl on fire inside all who buy and collect her.

Yeah us men!

Us full grown men.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kanu Getting Off

Here is our busty herion in action once again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kanu Unchou Models

Here is one model kit company who's very informative and knowledgeable that sells a wide range of Kanu Unchou.
Their prices are reasonable to include shipping.
Is there a particular Kanu model you want, they will order and make her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Added new link-Kanu_Unchou

I have added another link to those followers of Kanu., for pics and comments, members

and more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Guys Best Dream Girl?

I am just starting this...
and will add as i go!
But from what i see and find on Kanu, she is every guys dreamgirl, perhaps to say a hero.
A sexy hero.
And we need heroes today, we have sports, we have car racing, time pieces and the rest.
But heroes we need.
And all those other posted links on Kanu, she seems to be owned by men.
Why not?
Of course wouldn't she be.